"Carolina Heart" in ASK ME WHY anthology
(Cynthie and Max's story)
Dare Island 4.5
Release date July 2015

You may remember good-hearted single mom Cynthie Lodge as Meg's friend in Carolina Girl. Determined to leave her wild past behind her, Cynthie is forging a new life for herself and her daughters - one that's man-free and drama-free. But life on Dare Island is rarely so simple, and when her old high school crush shows up in town, he's determined to make her break her rules and give in to another chance at love.

Meet the Fletchers of Dare Island
Steady Matt, the son who stayed
Ambitious Meg, the daughter who never looked back
And warrior Luke, the Marine who thought he'd never return...

Dare Island 1

Home to the Fletcher family for generations, Dare Island is a fishing village rocked by changing times-its traditions slipping away like the sands of the North Carolina coast. Single dad and fishing boat captain Matt Fletcher deferred his own dreams to support his innkeeper parents and build a future for his sixteen-year-old son. Matt has learned to weather life's storms by steering a steady emotional course...and keeping a commitment-free approach to love.

Newcomer Allison Carter came to Dare Island to escape the emotional demands of her wealthy family. The young teacher aims to build a life here, to make a lasting place for herself. She doesn't want to be another in the long line of Women Who Once Dated Matt Fletcher. It's both tempting and dangerous to believe she can be something more.

Then Matt's brother Luke makes a sudden return home, with a child of his own-and a request that will change all their lives. With a child's welfare at stake, Matt must turn to Allison to teach him to let go of the past, open his eyes...and follow his heart.

Dare Island 2

Meg Fletcher spent her childhood dreaming of escaping Dare Island-her family's home for generations. So after she landed a high-powered job in New York City, she left and never looked back. But when she loses both her job and the support of her long-term, live-in boyfriend, she returns home to lick her wounds and reevaluate her life.

Helping out her parents at the family inn, she can't avoid the reminders of the past she'd rather forget-especially charming and successful Sam Grady, her brother's best friend.Their one, disastrous night of teenage passion should have forever killed their childhood attraction, but Sam seems determined to reignite those long-buried embers. As Meg discovers the man he's become, she's tempted to open her vulnerable heart to him. But she has no intention of staying on Dare Island-no matter how seductive Sam's embrace might be.

Dare Island 3

Marine Luke Fletcher is determined to do his duty - first to his country and now to his ten-year-old daughter, the unexpected legacy of a high school girlfriend. But his homecoming to Dare Island in North Carolina's Outer Banks challenges his plans for the future and forces him to face everything that's missing in his life. He wasn't prepared to lose his heart to this child he never knew. Or to fall hard for coolly reserved small town lawyer Kate Dolan.

Former military brat Kate knows Marines can make lousy fathers...and she's got the scars to prove it. Giving her heart to a man who's bent on leaving seems one sure way to have it broken.

Now, no matter what it takes, Luke must prove to Kate and to his daughter that Semper Fi is more than a motto - and to himself that there's more than one way to be a hero.

Dare Island 4

Jack Rossi is Dare Island's new police chief. The laid-back North Carolina community is just what he needs to recover from a rocky marriage and a big-city police department. He's learned his lesson: no more high-profile women or high-pressure jobs. The last thing he wants is an unconventional alt girl rocking his world.

Grad student Lauren Patterson made headlines when she kept a bank robbery from going bad. She's fled to Dare Island to clear her head and focus on writing her story. However, sexy Jack Rossi is a distraction that's too hot to ignore, and it's igniting an affair too combustible to resist...or quit.

But when their pasts come looking for them, Jack and Lauren find themselves fighting for the future they deserve, whatever the price.

(Jane and Gabe's story)
Dare Island 5
February 2016

Bakery owner Jane Clark found out the hard way that life isn't all sugar and spice and everything nice. Divorced from her abusive ex and determined to protect her young son, Jane has convinced herself that having a thriving child and a successful business is already more than she deserves. Until the arrival of a dangerous stranger threatens the life she's so carefully created and tempts her to dream of the woman she could be...

Former Marine Gabe Murphy is struggling to rebuild his life after his protective instincts landed him in jail. Jane's hesitant smiles and irresistible sweetness allow him to imagine a home and a family of his own for the first time. He's determined to prove to Jane that he's worthy of her trust-and her love.

These two lonely souls find passion together. But just as it seems happiness is within their grasp, Jane's vengeful ex-husband appears. Now Jane and Gabe must fight to make their dreams a reality.

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